Bridgeshire Packaging and Display are the market leader for corrugated packaging and design. With extremely tight deadlines a common occurence, a fast and professional service is of the utmost importance.

Our design studio with the most advanced CAD / CAM and digital and print facilities cannot only create and originate but will bring new concepts to life with full size printed samples, which customers can fill with product and test the market store

State of the art design department

Full sized digitally printed mockup designs

24-28 hour design and sample service

Innovative packaging solutions

Roland Hi-F1 Jet Pro

Inca Columbia, flatbed digital printer

The recent commissioning of our Inca Columbia, one of the most advanced flat bed digital printers, enhances our capabilities and provides our customers with the oppurtunity to do things that would be prohibitive by conventional means. It is capable of printing a massive 1.6 by 3.2 metres directly onto virtually any substrate up to 35mm thick.

Our high speed, wide format Roland Hi-F1 Jet Pro is capable of an impressive 1440dpi. With double CMYK printing up to 150cm wide, it is only limited in length by the roll of material being used.

Consider these technologies linked to our large format CAD table and the possibilities are infinite.